In case you haven’t noticed, RV shows are happening all across the country, from Florida and California to Texas, Maryland and more. While some of you may have already purchased tickets, or been to a few RV shows already in 2017, not everyone enjoys the show experience. Read below for some pros and cons of attending RV shows near you!


  • New RVs on Display – RV shows are a great way to see all the latest RVs from your favorite brands. Many manufacturers will release their new models exclusively at RV shows, so you can be one of the first to see them in person.
  • Many Dealers – A great perk of attending an RV show is the ability to visit with several different dealers, who each have their own prices, units, and style. Instead of driving all around your town or state to check out local dealers, you can see them all in one place. This will make it easier for you to decide who to buy your RV from.
  • Show Prices – RV dealers who attend RV shows offer special show prices, that are usually much lower than their regularly-priced units. These low prices are offered to RV show attendees who stop by their booth or display.
  • New Models/Floorplans – RV manufacturers release new models and floorplans throughout the year. An RV show is a great way to see the new models and floorplans up close and in-person. Many RV buyers prefer to walk through a unit or see it in person, rather than viewing a floorplan online.
  • Seminars/Attractions – Most RV shows offer more than just RV displays. They usually include educational seminars, RV parts and accessories vendors and other vehicle exhibits such as golf carts, cars, and boats. Many shows also offer special attractions to keep your kids entertained.15800528_1396425047034293_826490354187722628_o


  • Admission Costs – RV shows generally charge admission for adults, or anyone over the age of 16. Ticket prices usually range between $5 and $10, sometimes a little bit more or less. Many RV Shows offer discounts for certain memberships such as Good Sam.
  • Parking – Parking at RV shows is often free, but not always a fun experience. Hundreds to thousands of people may be attending an RV show each day of the event, so finding parking nearby can sometimes be a challenge.
  • Crowds – Not only do the parking lots or garages get crowded, but the RV shows themselves can be overwhelming. Many people do not like the crowded atmosphere of an RV show and prefer the less stressful experience of buying at a dealership.
  • Pressure to Buy – Because the dealers at these shows are offering special prices, you may feel pressured to purchase an RV on the spot. Buying an RV is not always a quick decision, so some people may be turned off by the need to purchase immediately. However, talk to the dealers at the show and find out how long their show price specials will last.
  • Prices Matched at Dealers – Not every RV dealership attends an RV show, but they all know when and where they occur. That being said, many RV dealers will price match any show prices that are offered at an RV show, so you can get the same price without having to attend. Keep a look out for dealers offering “show prices” or “show specials” on their websites, Facebook pages, or other advertisements.

RV shows can be a great way to spend the weekend with your family, and get a great deal on a new RV. However, if the show life is not your cup of tea, be sure to check with your local dealers and see if they are offering the same or similar prices. RVUSA always keeps you up-to-date on the upcoming shows and events around the country.




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