RV Find of the Week: Palomino Puma Destination Trailer

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Palomino RVs are built with top-quality materials and the latest construction techniques to provide its users years of pleasurable experiences and low maintenance costs. As one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America, Palomino RV continues to provide innovative floorplans and elegant interior designs to make you feel at home! After you purchase a Palomino, extensive efforts are made to ensure you have the best experience, providing services such as complimentary roadside assistance, a full-service parts department and a warranty department that’s available 24/7.


Palomino Camping Trailer began in 1968, producing lightweight pop-up tent trailers for affordable prices. Demand for Palomino camping trailers grew exponentially over the years, leading to the company’s relocation in 1972 to Colon, Michigan. Palomino continued to expand, adding a new production and storage facilities, and, in 1998, they introduced a new line of ultra-light weight travel trailers. In 2002, Palomino was acquired by Forest River, Inc., and in 2005, Forest River, Inc. was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. Today, “Palomino RV operates as a separate division of Forest River, Inc. and is now one of the top 5 RV manufacturers in North America, with over 300 dealers representing, selling and servicing the Palomino Brand.”


In today’s segment, RVUSA features the Palomino Puma Destination Trailer. Destination Trailers are extended living RVs and are the definition of “home away from home,” offering a full range of residential-style furnishings and appliances. Destination Trailers are technically travel trailers and can be towed as such, however they are a bit heavier than traditional travel trailers and ultimately designed to be parked at a seasonal campground or vacation spot.


(photos courtesy of Campers Inn, check out their inventory here)


The Palomino Puma Destination Trailer has 8 floorplans to choose from, varying in the layout and additional features.

  • 37-PFL: open floorplan, triple slide outs open up the areas, with the bedroom in the rear of the trailer with a king-sized bed and combines the living room/dining area/kitchen into one. Perfect for couples vacationing together.
  • 38-DBS: built for sleeping with a queen-sized bed at the rear of the trailer and a king-sized bed at the front, each with their own bathrooms. 2 bedrooms sacrifices area on the living area and the kitchen and dining area are significantly smaller. Good for couples who would like to have guests.
  • 38-PTB: king-sized bed in the front of the trailer and bunk beds in the rear, each with their own bathroom. Like the 38-DBS, the 38-PTB sacrifices some of the kitchen and living areas for bedrooms. Families with 1-2 kids will find this trailer enjoyable!
  • 38-RLQ: A very open floorplan offering maximum space for the living areas and kitchen with 4 slide outs to maximize area. The bedroom is in the front with a king-sized bed, the kitchen/dining/living rooms are combined and there is enough room for guests. Couples or a group of friends would enjoy this model!puma 1

(photos courtesy of Campers Inn, check out their inventory here)


  • 39-BHT: Another bunk model but the king bed in is the rear and the bunk is in the middle of the trailer. There is only 1 bathroom in this model but the living area and kitchen is still quite large despite 2 bedrooms. Perfect for small and large families.
  • 39-PBS: A unique layout with the king bed in the rear of the trailer and double bunk beds in the front bedroom. The 2 bedrooms reduce the size of the kitchen and living area and there is only 1 bathroom. Probably the best trailer for large families who seek adventures outside of the RV.
  • 39-PFK: A very large slide out opens up the living area and kitchen with the king bed in the rear of the trailer and a bathroom separating the bedroom and living area. There aren’t a ton of sleeping options here so couples or small families will like this trailer. The open living area allows enough space for visitors.
  • 39-PQB: Another uniquely designed bunk model, the 39-PBS has double bunks in the rear bedroom and a king bed in the front bedroom. Slide outs open up both bedrooms, the rear has 2 for the bunk beds and the front has one for the king bed, allowing for tons of space in each respective bedroom and each have their own bathroom. The living area and kitchen are a bit smaller but the large slide out in this area opens up the area. Large families will find this trailer the most comfortable.

puma 3

(photos courtesy of Campers Inn, check out their inventory here)

The Palomino Destination Trailer has all the standard features and options to be the RV of your Dreams! Shop now for Puma Destination Trailers for Sale on RVUSA!

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