The Exterior of the 2017 Redwood 3901WB features a premium design that gives viewers the impression of wind and movement. As these two descriptions are synonymous with being on the road, the exterior styling of the Redwood 3901WB fits exquisitely with the ideals expressed when embarking on an adventure. With the slide-outs tucked away, this RV trailer possesses a sleek yet luxurious look that others will be sure to notice.



Following along the same look guidelines of the exterior, luxury and power are the foundation of the styling for an interior that is reminiscent of a ‘high-end’ home, fit for an ‘A-list’ celebrity. Solid maple hardwood cabinets, a Samsung Curved 55-Inch LED TV,100 BTU fireplace, a , power heating and massage seating, and an i-Cool gel foam king mattress are just a few of the amenities included in the Redwood 3901WB.


Availability of the 2017 Redwood 3901WB

The specific unit highlighted is available at Colerain RV of Indy of Indianapolis, Indiana. The MSRP is $133,698, however, Colerain RV shows a ‘Sale Price’ of $89,995 with the option to make an offer by clicking the “Make Offer” button on the listing.


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