Must Have Features Before You Buy: Toy Haulers

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At first, toy haulers were simply used for just that. Hauling larger toys around for a short period of time. Later, though, the idea of spending a weekend away from home in an RV became more and more common. Now, toy haulers often come standard with most things you’d see in a larger RV. You can customize your toy hauler based on your specific needs. Because the popularity of this mode of transportation has become to widely known, the customizations and add-ons are endless.

Buying a toy hauler, RV or any motorhome is a rather large investment, so it always pays off to do your research. Because there are so many different floor plans, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before making a decision on the one for you. These are just a few you should consider asking yourself and your fellow campers before you decide to buy!

  1. What’s the main purpose of the toy hauler? This is probably the most important question to ask before deciding on a toy hauler floor plan. If you’re using it for its original purpose of carrying around large toys like dirt bikes, a simple, non-loaded toy hauler should do the trick. However, if you are looking to sleep and spend time in the trailer, you’ll need a floor plan that has the essentials like a small kitchen, a bedroom and probably a bathroom.
  2. What kind of camping do I want to do? Where will I camp? Being aware of the types of places you want to park your toy hauler is key in getting the best experience from your trailer. If you don’t plan on camping and you’re simply using it to carry your toys, many of the amenities won’t matter as much. If you do plan on camping, making sure each place you’re staying can make up for those amenities you don’t have is also crucial.
  3. Do I have a truck big enough to pull a toy hauler? A lot of people choose a hook up a trailer behind them because they already have a truck and don’t need the RV to drive. But, your truck will only pull the size of its own weight, and many new RVers often find they need a new truck after buying the first toy hauler. Once again, all you need is a bit of research to save yourself from this dire mistake.
  4. Is the garage space big enough for what you’re hauling? This sounds like a given, but if you plan to carry a motorcycle, it can be a close call on if they fit or not. And if you plan to carry larger toys like snowmobiles or four-wheelers, you might want to go ahead and pay for more garage space. After all you’ll need space for tools and materials for routine maintenance.
  5. What’s my budget? The good thing about toy haulers is that they’re nowhere near as pricey as some Class As, Bs, and Cs. And if you don’t need the extra room and storage, why pay big bucks for it? Not sure how big of a trailer you’re comfortable with hauling? Take a few test drives and get a feel for how each toy hauler tows behind you.
  6. Pick 3-5 features you’d like to have in your hauler. This isn’t a stationary house, so you’ll most likely end up handing over some appliances and features that you might have anywhere else. Some are easy to give up, but others might not be so easy. Decide on which ones are must haves and which ones you can live without. For example, are you traveling to campgrounds around the US? As long as you find campgrounds with plumbing, you’ll be able to use the community bathrooms and showers. Can’t live without your daily dose of TV? Look for a floor plan with televisions and maybe give up a bit of extra storage space. Toy haulers are all about finding exactly what you need!
  7. Where will you be taking your toy hauler? If you’re mostly on the road traveling for work, one of these might be a great choice. It’s also nice to consider looking for a half bathroom in the garage area if you plan on getting muddy and dirty so you’re not tracking that dirt throughout the rest of the camper.
  8. What about square footage? This comes down to how many people you’ll have with you at any given time during your RVing experience. Some toy haulers can sleep up to 10-12 people, but others will only sleep 2-4. And a “garage” takes up a lot of space in a tiny camper, so you also want to make sure that the floor plan uses the rest of the space wisely so you get the biggest bang for your buck. Square footage also ties into how long you plan to have your trailer. If you have kids, do you want them to have a lot of space growing up and splurge on the larger floor plan now? Or would you rather wait till when they grow up and buy a newer one? Most toy haulers these days usually have enough space for a king bed, so that’s always a plus if you don’t need much space for a large toy.
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