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kampers supply

This week’s Featured Dealer goes to…Kamper’s Supply in Illinois!

Located in Carterville, Illinois, Kamper’s Supply opened in 1975 by Marvin and Shirley Oetjen. Their top priorities include offering the best parts in the business and consistently giving excellent customer service even after the sale has been made.

What started their love for camping almost 40 years ago was when Marvin was a service manager for a car dealership and who often get called in to work weekends. To get away, Marvin and Shirley would pack up the essentials and make their way to their favorite campgrounds until Sunday evening. This was the 70s, and they frequently ran into trouble with finding parts and service for their RV, and since Marvin already had electronics experience, it only made sense for him to complete his own repairs. Word soon spread about the repairman and he began doing maintenance for others in the campgrounds because there was truly a need for his craft.

They then decided to take a trip to Elkhart, Indiana to learn more about owning an RV business and to talk to distributors. It all started as a simple parts store in 1975 in Carbondale. In just a few short years, they had packed up and relocated to their current location in Carterville. Today, they have a large selection of Starcraft Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels and other RV options for your specific needs.

Don’t see a part you need for your RV in store? No worries. Kamper’s will happily help you find what you need from their online catalog and have it ready for in store pick up or have it sent to your doorstep. They make it easy to find all your essential parts and accessories with their extensive inventory of over 200,000 options!Should you decide to modify your RV, Kamper’s Supply has got you covered! Add a little comfort to your camper with a sofa, recliner or heated seats from the Thomas Payne Collection. And maybe you aren’t getting quality sleep on that standard RV mattress. It might be time to upgrade to a brand new Denver Mattress! These are all possibilities through Kamper’s Supply.

kampers supply lot

Seeing as the Oetjen’s have always been campers of their own, they understand the needs of their customers who come to them looking for service, repairs and RVs. Now, their sons Curt and John help keep the store running, because they’ve been a part of the business all of their lives. The Oetjen family also doesn’t want you to feel like just another customer. The moment you step onto the lot, they want you to feel valued and not just another sale in the books.

kampers supply sign

Kamper’s Supply should give you a reason to shop local and stay true to small businesses. With larger corporations, the customer service may be lacking and they see you as a sale. Because Kamper’s is family owned, everyone you meet from there will see you as a friend and a customer for life.

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