DIY Games for a Rainy Day Inside

by | Mar 2, 2018 | RV Buyer's Guide, Tips & Tricks

We have all experienced a rainy day during an “off” day before. There is little worse than looking forward to a break from your weekly schedule and being “rained in”. This is not to say rain is the only thing that can put a damper on your plans, there are plenty of weather events equal or worse than cloud drips. No matter if you are trying to entertain your little ones or yourself, with limited space for activities, you’re going to need to get creative. With streaming video services like Netflix and the internet in general, you can keep yourself busy for quite a while, but why not get creative and burn off that energy with creatively convenient handcrafted games. To help get your creative juices flowing, we have put together a list of DIY game ideas for your next stuck inside kind of day.

Precision Putt Putt Challenge

With nothing more than a few cardboard boxes, your putter and some golf balls, you can perfect your putt without needing to “hit the links”. To make this game work, simply cut some holes in the open end of a box that are big enough for a golf ball to roll through ( different widths for the holes can show how your skills progress as you play and help set difficulty levels for multiple players). Once you have mastered a certain hole, advance to the next level of difficulty and be ready to clean up at the green on your next golfing trip.

Paper Airshow

This game can be equally a challenge for adults and children alike. Start out with a large piece of construction paper and scissors or an exacto knife. Cut different sized circles into the paper and assign point values to each with the smaller holes worth the most and decrease in value as the holes get bigger. Then, you have two options, you can either ball up the paper from the circles and use them in a basketball-esque fashion or make paper airplanes to try and throw through the holes. Once you hang the large paper and set a minimum distance, let the games begin!

Half-pipe Marble Luge

This is another game that equals the playing field for children an adults alike. The Half-pipe Marble Luge is made by cutting a “pool noodle” completely in half, long ways. Once you get it sliced, take both halves and line them up next to each other with the flat side up. If you got the correct type of noodle, doing this should leave the small half-pipe-like inside exposed and ready to guide your marble to the finish. Since the foam noodles are so flexible, you can adjust the shape of the slide to achieve different results. As long as you have one end higher than the other and gravity continues to be a thing, you can make them race. Putting a box at the finish line keeps the participating marbles contained so no unnecessary falls occur. By combining both halves into one longer track, you may even be able to add some loops to your race.

Straw-phone connect

This simple game can be played and enjoyed by all ages. For this game, all you will need is standard plastic drinking straws, people, and imagination. To assemble your Straw-phone, take one straw and fold the end of it in the middle (it should look like you made a set of little bunny ears at the end of your straw). The folded end will be inserted into the end of another straw around a 1/4 – 1/2 an inch. Repeat that process until you have a straw assembled that consists of 4-5 straws together as one. From that point you can grip one end of the straw in a loose fist and speak into your hand (to keep everyone from putting their mouths on the same straw over and over). Holding the other end of the straw-phone into your ear (the initial opening, not in the actual canal), you should be able to hear any lightly whispered phrase from the other end with relative ease. Now, you have a new take on the classic game “telephone” or can make other games like seeing which team can get a message between 2 players using the straw-phone with the most straws. Each turn, make a wager as to how many straws you can do max and still be able to hear on the other end. Create some complicated phrases that take some effort to say and remember and let the battle begin. Not only are you testing your ability to hear and speak clearly, you are challenging your mind to remember the phrases exactly, after they are told to you. The main concern for the “speaker” is to say the phrase clearly, but not loud enough for the other team to hear. If the other team hears your phrase and can repeat it verbatim before your teammate (a ref  is a great addition to the game so hand raising can take the place of game show buzzers), they get the point for that round.

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