A Complete Guide to Teardrop Trailers: What to know before you buy

by | Nov 18, 2020 | RV Spotlight

As possessions are becoming less important than our own experiences these days, teardrop trailers and the like are more popular than ever before. We’ve put together a guide on what you need to know about teardrop trailers and why we love them so much right now.

Of course, there are lots of advantages to camping in larger RVs and spaces, but choosing to purchase a smaller RV is where you’ll save most of your money. Worried about a small RV being less fun? Don’t be! Your rig is only a place for shelter. You are fun! You may even learn to appreciate the space more after traveling in it for some time. Camping small can also be beneficial to your health because you aren’t as distracted by all the technology that comes with larger motorhomes. You’ll often find yourself calm and at one with nature when you use your camper just for shelter. Here are a few benefits to choosing a small trailer like a teardrop:

  1. Maneuverability. Small campers are easy to park and tow along.
  2. They’re lightweight and usually less expensive. Because of this, whatever vehicle you have will probably work, and you won’t have to worry about getting a new tow truck.
  3. Easier to maintain. Winterizing an RV is a lot of work. With a smaller camper, that process will go much faster.
  4. You’re able to travel to more places. Campgrounds and parks often have weight restrictions on campers and RVs. If you choose to camp small, you shouldn’t have any problems abiding by said guidelines.
  5. You’ll use less gas. If you’re pulling less weight, you’ll use less fuel.
  6. Ease of storage. No need for an extra garage or storage unit. They fit almost anywhere.

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is a type of RV that is a small, towable trailer that’s easy to recognize due to their unique shape – rounded on one side and sort of tapered down on the other. They’re lightweight, so they can be towed with nearly any vehicle, which makes them a popular choice for weekend warriors. Larger floorplans often come with a bed, kitchen, and dining area. Smaller ones usually consist of a bedroom.

Why Are They So Popular?

Like we said earlier, there’s been an increase in teardrop interest over the past few years and an interest in smaller RVs in general. They cost less, weigh less, and are ideal for those who plan on taking shorter trips and want just the basics when they travel. They’re also a great option for camping at campgrounds or sites because of their size. Even if a campground is full, you can still usually find room for your teardrop.

They’re also popular because of their smart design and vintage feel. Most people that own a teardrop decorate the interior with chic décor and make it their own unique space. Once they reach their destination, they even create a setup outside the trailer to make it cozy by hanging up string lights, setting out warm blankets, and making sure there’s an endless supply of warm drinks and fluffy pillows.

What Do They Weigh?

Like we’ve said, these kinds of trailers don’t weigh much at all, making them a great choice for weekend warriors who don’t want to buy an extra vehicle to haul a larger trailer like a fifth wheel or travel trailer. Most weigh under 4,000 pounds – some weigh less than 1,000!

What About Cost?

Most teardrop trailers come in between $20,000 and $40,000. Of course, like anything else you purchase, the price depends on the features you choose. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a trip to your local dealer and check out a few teardrops in person. They should be more than happy to serve you. This kind of trailer has also been around for a while, so you should have plenty of used models to tour. This is especially great if you’re shopping on a budget!

What matters most in shopping for a teardrop trailer, or any RV or rig, is that you know how you plan to use it, and for how often. Those two questions will help you decide if a teardrop is best for you or not and what features you’ll want to have and can skip. Contact us for any questions you have!


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