7 Things to Leave Behind on Your Next RV Vacation

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A good motto to always remember in life is “it’s better to be safe than sorry.” However, the entire point of the RV lifestyle is to minimize as much as you can. So when it comes to RV camping, there shouldn’t be the thought of “better safe than sorry.” Don’t try to pack your entire house into a small, cramped up, moving vehicle. It takes away from the adventure that you’re seeking.

If your must-haves for an RV adventure include your spouse, the kids, and everything to make s’mores, then you’re probably a very experienced RVer. For those of you who are not, we’ve gathered a list of things you should leave home for your next RV trip.



Everyone has experienced the initial thought of “Oh, I’m going to get this work done while I have some downtime on vacation!” Let’s be honest. When you finally have downtime on vacation, you realize it’s called downtime for a reason. RVers tend to travel to places that are completely taken over by nature, not WiFi and white collars.

It’s not the time for you to do anything work related. Leave the laptop and briefcase at the office!


If you have ever traveled with firewood in your RV, you know it completely ruins the storage compartments. It’s not worth bringing when you can find firewood almost anywhere you’re going. Pretty much any campground or resort you go to will be able to provide it for you. You’re likely to find useful firewood on the side of the road or right beside the tent you put up.

Cans and Cans of Food

Yes, it’s convenient to bring a few cans along, because they never go bad (and honestly, you probably needed to get them out of your pantry anyway). Especially if you’re a first time RVer though, don’t let the hunger paranoia get to you. When you’re in the store pre-trip, those cans look convenient and cheap, but when the time comes they’ll just stack up and never get eaten.

Instead, pack a few carefully chosen cans of food, then leave the rest at home and plan out your meals.

Storage Enhancers

Buying storage enhancers might make you think you have fooled us all, but that’s not the case. RVs are designed to minimize and save space for families of all sizes. Investing in storage enhancers will only enable your need to hoard unnecessary things into the RV like it’s your actual home. There are a few things that will just help you keep the RV less cluttered and those are completely fine. Not to mention, having the storage bins and enhancers filled with things you wanted to bring “just to be safe” will make the RV too heavy. You’ll lose out with low gas mileage.

ToolsTools Hanging On A Wall In Workshop

Dads, we know you love your tools. But even with a large RV, all you need to bring is a standard set. Make sure you have a wrench, screwdriver set and of course – the duct tape. Anything else you probably won’t use for the entire time you’re not home. Don’t weigh down the poor RV with the entire inventory of Home Depot.

Luxury Cooking Items

You want to bring the food processor? What happened to the minimalist lifestyle of the RVer? There will be some things you will have to live without in your kitchen, but what would RVing be if that wasn’t the case? Your goal for food while in the RV is to have quick and easy meals for the family. One pot dinners that can most likely be used for leftovers are ideal, such as stews and soups. This is where actually using your canned foods comes in handy.


It’s not a true family vacation if absolutely everything went right. When things don’t go as planned, don’t let them ruin the trip for everybody. Roll with what’s thrown at you – that’s another beauty of RVing. When you have a Negative Nancy in a cramped up RV, you can end up with 3 more Negative Nancys. Keep the negativity at work and home and relax. Enjoy nature and being around the people you love.

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