10 Must Haves for RV Living with Kids

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Kids sit outside RV with parents

Products that will make RV living with kids a breeze

Downsizing to live in an RV can be a challenge for anyone. Add kids with tons of energy into the mix and your small space can feel overwhelming fast! At the same time though, experiencing life on the road as a family can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. RV living with kids teaches them a unique way of life that encourages them to treasure experiences over things and explore all the beautiful landscapes our country has to offer.

Statistics show kids who spend more time outdoors have better physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. How can you get them all of those benefits while still creating a comfortable home on the road where they will thrive? We can help. In addition to planning ahead when RVing with kids, we’ve come up with a list of affordable items that will make RV life with kids more fun for both kids and parents alike.

Cards and board games

The key to keeping kids (and parents) sane during long driving days is have entertainment at the ready. Cards and board games are always a great idea, but how about ones with an RVing twist? This magnetic game of snakes and ladders will keep game pieces in place even when you’re on the move. No more lost parts from falling into cracks and crevices during a sharp turn!

Since your family will likely be making a few stops at some of America’s incredible national parks, your kids will love this illustrated national parks deck of playing cards. As they play, they can familiarize themselves with parks they want to visit and recognize ones you’ve already introduced them too. It’s a great way to get to know the parks and play games all at one time.

Lap desk

If you’re full-time RV living with kids, chances are you are homeschooling them. This means days where kids need space to work on school work and parents need space to work remotely. Sometimes you only have so much “desk” space at your RV dining table! This comfy lap desk is a great solution – kids can work anywhere with one of these on hand. It has a prop for a cell phone as well as a built in mouse pad for computer work. Even better, the lap pads are set at an angle for a more ergonomic solution, and the device ledge will keep their computers or notebooks in place.

S’mores sticks

Because what RV family doesn’t love a good night around the campfire? Fire rings are a common staple around RV campgrounds, and there’s just something about gathering the whole family around the flame on a cool night to talk and enjoy quality time together. The only thing that makes it even better is s’mores! Instead of scrounging around for sticks that are the right size, we love these extendable metal campfire sticks. Their insulated handles mean less chance of burn for your little ones, and all parents can get on board with a little extra built-in safety. Plus, they’re big enough to be used for roasting hot dogs as well.

Magical flames

Speaking of campfires: did you know you could turn your campfire flames different colors?! Simply toss a pouch of these magical flames into your campfire and your fire will burn brightly with blues, purples, greens and pinks for up to an hour. Kids love to watch the light show and even teens will want to spend more time around the fire with the family when these are involved.

Outdoors children’s books

Every kid needs a good book to return to over and over, and these outdoors children’s books from Kate Siber are the best RVing twist on reading time. Kate has written for publications such as Outside Magazine and National Geographic, so these kid-friendly reads aren’t just fun to look at, they’re well-researched too. Her 50 Adventures in the 50 States book will give you some travel inspiration as you mark new states off your list, while the National Parks of the USA book will teach your kids about the history and wildlife in our nation’s national parks.

Sun hats

With all those outdoors adventures comes the need to protect your kiddos from the sun. This bucket sun hat is designed for breathability, moisture wicking, and of course, sun protection for kids ages 2 to 6. It has a UPF of 50+ and is perfect for outfitting kids for the pool at the RV park or a day hike.

Storage containers

One of the challenging parts about RV living with kids is keeping things clean. Kids are notorious for messy rooms, and in an RV, it’s harder to shut a door and pretend like the mess doesn’t exist. The space is much smaller! Storage containers are a must for keeping the RV in order. These tabletop storage centers are the best catch-all for school supplies, and the color-coded containers make organizing easier and more fun for kids. You can also stack your small spaces with these collapsible storage bins that fold up when you aren’t using them.

iPad + Kindle Unlimited membership

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid the need to give the kids a little screen time. Investing in an iPad for your kids or to share amongst your RV dwellers is worth the squeeze. Kids can use it for homework, reading and occasionally, a game or TV show when parents really need a break. With a tablet on hand, another great purchase for kids is a Kindle Unlimited membership. You probably won’t have room for a library of books on hand in your RV, but you can download the Kindle app and use the membership to read unlimited books. If a new iPad is out of the budget, try checking out the Amazon Renewed store for more affordable refurbished iPads.

Overhead iPad stand

This nifty gadget makes watching movies and educational videos comfortable and accessible for your kids. Clip it above the bed so they can watch their own individual shows, or clip it to the kitchen counter for a makeshift TV stand while they watch videos for homeschooling. It’s a versatile tool that can be used by both kiddos and parents alike!

USA sticker map

You may have seen one of these maps on an RV in the campground before, or on one of the rigs from your favorite RV family influencers on social media. These USA sticker maps fun for RVing families who dream of marking off all 50 states. Your kids will love putting the sticker over the state when you visit for the first time! The map is also available as a magnetic map.

Best items for RV living with kids

If you want a more creative solution for entertaining kids on the road than just throwing on another episode of Paw Patrol, this list should help set you on the right track. Check out our full RVUSA Amazon essentials storefront for more recommendations on RV essentials for everything from the kitchen to the campfire.

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