5 Things Every New RVer Needs to Learn

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New RVer Needs

If you are wanting to start your RV journey, then there are a few things you are going to need to know. No one goes into this lifestyle with all of the knowledge, and there are a few things that every new RVer needs to learn before hitting the road for the first time.

The Most Important Things Any New RVer Needs to Learn Before Hitting The Road

Learn How to Drive Your RV in All Situations

This may seem like common sense but driving an RV does not just mean driving a bigger vehicle; it means driving your large vehicle off road, into campgrounds, and different terrain that you are not used to. a new RVer needs to learn to maneuver in and out of smaller spaces and learn how to back it in your campsite. If you do not have leveling blocks (which you absolutely should) you need to be able to see where you are parking to ensure it is on flat land. When you are getting to your destination you will be on main roads and highways; learn to drive so you are not too close and not too far from other vehicles. This takes time, but once you master it, your trips are smooth sailing!

Prep for Every RV Trip

What is on your list to bring? If you aren’t quite sure, think of what you would need during the day, night, and all your just-in-case items.  Some things to help you prepare are; leveling blocks, tarps, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, extra non perishable food, a generator, lots of water, and a surge protector. That is just a start to your necessary items list.  While traveling in an RV, you need to be prepared for whatever may come.  Be ready for an accident, a power outage, bad weather, storm damage, or a mechanical issue with the RV can happen at any time and having these (plus other) essential items could protect you in the long run.

Every New RVer Needs to Pack Light

Where do you even begin when packing up for your trip? You have so much extra space, but that also means you need to have everything to utilize and live there.  You may be used to just packing a suitcase of clothes, but now you have to pack dishes, food and and several other items. Oh, and don’t forget both interior and exterior equipment. You also have to think of what you will be doing outside of your RV and pack accordingly. With that being said, you are still on vacation and you don’t need to bring your whole house with you. Pack accordingly for each trip, but try your best to pack light if you are able to!

Understand and Learn About Your RV Appliances

A fridge is just a fridge until you notice that it’s leaking all over your RV and you have no idea how to fix it! Learn your RV and learn your appliances before you leave. You are going to be using your fridge, oven, and microwave very frequently while you are on your trip and although it may seem basic, these appliances are created to be in an RV and may be set up a little different. If you have a power outage, do you know how to reset them? If you notice a leak, what are you steps to prevent further damage? Have manuals on hand and be prepared for whatever may happen on your trip.

Never Drive Off Prematurely

You may be sitting there laughing at this idea, thinking, “I would never do that!” Well, that’s what they all say! People run into accidents and sometimes when you are in a rush or trying to beat a storm home, you don’t think about all the steps. If you are at a camp site, it is likely that you have a lot going on, on the exterior of your RV. Between your sewage, electricity, and additional power sources or generators, you may be plugged into several units. Make sure to disconnect every single item before you drive off!  Check, double check, then triple check. This will save you so much time, money, and parts of your RV.

Have you learned a few do’s and don’ts for your next trip? As a new RVer, you have a life of amazing trips and memories ahead! Remember to be safe, and use some of these tips and others you pick up along the way to keep your RV in good shape and your trips stress free!

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