Find of the Week: 2017 Aliner Expedition

by | Aug 15, 2016 | RV Owner's Guide, RV Spotlight | 0 comments

If you need a new RV look no further than RVUSA! Every week on Monday, RVUSA features the RV of the Week. These units are feature packed and have a high potential to be the RV of Your Dreams!



Today we feature the New 2017 Aliner Expedition. When compared to other RV trailer types, Aliner Pop-Up Campers are smaller, lighter, and are easier to tow. Pop-up campers are perfect for people that need a place to camp after fishing or hunting, or a quick place to sleep at a weekend long concert or staying to camp at the springs, the possibilities are endless!





The inside of the 2017 Aliner Expedition is small but packed with features including a furnace, refrigerator, stove, enclosed water tank, microwave, stove, water heater, air conditioning, and fans. The exterior comes with a power roof vent, skylight, external shower, spare tire kit and tinted windows. Be sure to check out the feature rich, lightweight Aliner Expedition Pop-Up Camper.


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