Geofencing with RVUSA
Location Based Target Advertising to Mobile and Other Devices

Dynamic Remarketing with RVUSA

What is Geofencing?


Geofencing is a digital marketing toolset that allows advertisers to deliver advertisements when a smart device moves into a physical location. Once a smart device enters a geofenced location, advertisers can begin to serve ads immediately, if device location services settings are on (default mode), for up to 30 days.

The goal is to present targeted ads based upon location awareness. This can achieve various objectives including gaining mindshare, influencing behavior, drive return engagement, and/or specific conversions.

With our intelligent cross-device matching capabilities ads are also served on desktops, laptops and tablets, in addition to the mobile phone.

How Can Geofencing Help Me?

Reaching a targeted audience is always a goal of marketing and being able to present your message to receptive audience is very valuable. Message receptivity has to do with what is top of mind and need. This is why geofencing is such a great fit. It is smart technology that provides near real time deliver of your advertisements to specific audiences when they are in a receptive buying state of mind.

With geofencing you obtain many common marketing message objectives which are difficult to achieve with other forms of advertising.

Geofencing allows for targeting any physical location. That means you can target people’s devices, on or around your location or at other locations such as competitors! Once devices are tagged. ads can be served for up to 30 days on websites and apps that the web visitor frequents.

Typically, ads are designed with specific messages and linked to landing pages. Measurable actions such things as click thru to your linked page, form submissions, chat sessions, and even phone calls (using tracked numbers) can tracked and tied to your geofencing campaigns. All marketing ultimately has the same goal, which is the converting of prospects into customers.

To assist in identifying conversions we leverage something called “Conversion Zones”. This means we track devices that enter your physical locations to identify the influence of your geofencing campaign upon ultimate behavior.

Helping Your Dealership with Identification and Targeting


Influence Immediate Behavior:

  • Identify potential customers based upon locations they frequent (e.g. events or activities) to make them aware of your dealership
  • Utilize target demographic knowledge to present advertisements to potential customers. This can include things like camp grounds or auto dealerships that sell four wheel drive vehicles.
  • Targeting competitor locations allow you to present prospects with your offerings and value to influence real time engagement
  • Targeting your own prospects allows you to remain “top of mind” and forms a defensive shield on your prospects through their buying process. This goes a long way to eliminating any buyer’s doubt about your dealership.
Key items and how geofencing addresses them:
  • Relevance - match advertising to current/recent physical presence
  • Timing - ads are delivered at in real time and maintain persistence
  • Interest - messaging is tuned to match the shopping interest of the prospect
  • Informative - ads present the opportunity to deliver value to the shopper (e.g. information about offers, advantages, and benefits of buying from you)
  • Entertaining - this is the most difficult item to achieve because humor is very subjective. However, the right message can be constructed to entertain if desired. Geofencing ads can use video to help communicate an entertaining message.

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