#ThrowbackThursday: Retro Design Inspiration for Your RV

by | Jan 25, 2018 | RV Buyer's Guide, Tips & Tricks | 4 comments

Vintage Camper Trailer

Most RV manufacturers do a pretty good job at decorating the interior of the RVs they produce. Manufacturers typically do a lot of research to find out what features and look is preferred by the largest amount of potential customers before they make them available. Besides the occasional leap to push past what is trending, most designers will go with what is currently “hot” in the market rather than an old or previously unseen look. While this works best for those buying a new RV or something on the smaller end, like a popup, it may not be preferential to those buying used or not looking to get rid of the RV they have. If you are like many others in America, a solid option for changing the look of your used RV may be going vintage/retro. Everything today is made to show the precision that technological advances has allowed us to take advantage off, whereas the decor of the past seemed to be aimed at ‘maximum comfort’. Even if the popular color schemes of yesteryear are not your favorite, being surrounded by soft edges and the feeling of floating from every piece of furniture you use is easy to appreciate. 

One of the hardest parts of committing to an interior redesign can be deciding on the look you want. Choosing accessories along with colors and furniture types can be stressful enough to keep it on the ‘to do list’ longer than you keep the RV. To help inspire your creative side, we have found a few videos that showcase different “retro” decor ideas that others have used in their living quarters. Not all of these are of RV redesigns, but they can be used as a great reference point for when you decide that it is time for a “new” look. 

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  1. Elaine P McPherson

    How can I tell how old my Sunny Brook Mobile Scout bumper-pull trailer is? I have some of the paper work. The sticker on the camper is just recognizable, but the place has gone out of business.

    • admin

      From a fellow RVer once we shared your question:

      If it’s new enough to have a 16-digit VIN (since 1980ish), then that’s an easy way to figure it out.

      If it’s older than that, it will be very manufacturer-specific…

    • admin

      We also found:
      Mobile Scouts all have a serial number stamped on the metal tongue or trailer base somewhere. It starts with the two digit year, has a letter, and then a two digit number representing the length, then a four digit number which is unique to that series.

      The serial can also be found on a paper glued to the inside of the upper cabinet doors IF you have the original cabinets and IF someone has not removed that.

      Most people find them on the roads of the tongue or front part of the frame. Look closely over the entire frame, however, because I’m not sure there was a specific standard for location.

      And, alas, if areas have been worked or replaced, you may not find one. But chances are… it’s there.

    • admin

      From another RVer:

      It should have a sticker on the driver side front panel with all this information. There is often one on the door of the cabinet immediately below the sink as well.

      If it’s enough that both these are gone, often times the VIN will be stamped into the tongue somewhere.


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